A little bit of New Orleans put onto canvas.

A transplant to New Orleans originally from Virginia Beach, VA. I took to art at a young age. With a little bit of natural talent combined with traditional school training, I received my BFA from UNC-Greensboro. I dabbled in all types of mediums, but was drawn towards graphic design in the end.

Once school ended, the majority of my art did too. I snagged a design job that lasted maybe 6mos and then I jumped into what I thought would be my newly found retail career. I climbed into management and rarely picked up a paint brush or sat and designed at the computer. I even transferred to a new state, which only then led me to New Orleans. I would visit the city while I still worked retail and knew that if ever I lived there, I would make art again.

And there you have it. The idea was put into the universe and it was made to happen. I went straight into the service industry once I took my retail exit and grew more and more inspired from the local artisans. All of the walls in our house were white and I thought what better than to add color with paintings I would create. I thought about those things that I, we enjoyed most. And that's how it began.

I still work in the service industry and spend my days off painting something new from the city we love.

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